Innovation Financing

Digitalization is shaping social and economic life in all areas and opening up new opportunities for the active participation of society in innovation processes, among others through crowd-based methods such as crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

These methods provide companies and organizations with the opportunity to involve their customer groups as an active crowd in the co-design and – if required – also in the financing of their products and services at an early stage.


Our mission is to introduce companies, research institutions and other organizations to the potential of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. In doing so, we empower them towards a demand-oriented use of the instruments, e.g. via our proven crowdsourcing offer “Technology seeks application“ and through practical knowledge from successfully accompanied crowdfunding campaigns in the fields of science, regional development and sports.

In our interdisciplinary and international team, experts from the disciplines of economics and social sciences work to continuously develop practical solutions for clients of companies and other institutions.

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News / 12.1.2021

Fraunhofer Survey: Co-financing for Companies

Co-financing is increasingly coming into the focus of companies. This is because it is necessary to set up a broader and more diverse financing structure in order to make entrepreneurial decisions more independently. But what is the state of knowledge among companies on this topic? Fraunhofer IMW surveyed companies from all over Europe to find out.

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