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The “Fraunhofer Publica” database documents the publications and patents resulting from the research activities of Fraunhofer institutes.


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On the following pages you will find information about the various publications of the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig.

The scientists of the institute create studies on various topics as part of their projects . They also publish scholarly articles as working papers, containing e.g. results of preliminary research.

A special series of the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig is the country report, which is based on a publication for the magazine "Innovation Manager".

The institute publishes an annual report with an overview of projects, facts and figures of the previous calendar year. In addition, events and meetings of the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig are documented in the conference proceedings.

Meta-project on vocational training export is on the home straight: Practice-oriented guidelines on vocational training export developed for companies

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Guidelines for Job Training Exporters

For two years, the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig and experts from diverse fields have been supporting the main phase of the meta-project on the key funding area “Vocational training export by German educational service providers” of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The central goal of the meta-project was to generate scientifically substantiated insights into the export of vocational educational services. These were to be processed with a practical focus and communicated to export-oriented vocational training service providers in Germany.

To this end, the team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig adopted a meta-perspective of collaborative projects and key players in vocational training from November 2012 to October 2014. Through topic-related focus group meetings, academic symposia and three conferences, they were able to network and share their experiences. On the basis of the findings gained and interviews held during the course of the project, the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig has developed practice-oriented guidelines for the most significant key areas of vocational training export. These are available to download in German.

The research findings are additionally being passed on in the form of a final report and with recommendations to the BMBF. The meta-project and the guidelines are already now providing the blueprint for further activities on this important cross-disciplinary topic.


Annual Reports

Working Papers

New study “Impact of selected structural factors on the forest-based sector in the European Union”

Together with the Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg, the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig has compiled a study on the topic of the “Impact of selected structural factors on the forest-based sector in the European Union”. The study was compiled within the context of the European cooperation project INTEGRAL with the aim of investigating the complex impacts that economic, technological, demographic and political changes in the last few decades in Europe have had on European forestry. The findings of the study serve as an aid, among other things, to compiling future scenarios for the development of the forest management in 20 forested areas in Europe.

Fraunhofer Center Leipzig publishes discussion paper on handling personal energy data

Together with a cooperation partner, the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig has published the discussion paper “Further development of the role of the Smart Meter Gateway Administrator into a trustee for personal energy data”.

Under the title “Initiative for a German data trust (DEDATE) as the last resort in personal digital data management”, the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig had already previously produced a discussion paper on approaches and structures for the targeted utilization of personal digital data.

Participation of Central and Eastern European EU Member States in the 7th Framework Programme - A Study by the Fraunhofer Center Leipzig

The Fraunhofer Center Leipzig published a study on the participation of Central and Eastern European EU member states in the 7th Framework Programme (FP) of the European Union. The study provides important insights into the existence of different participation levels of the individual states and makes recommendations for an increased participation in the FP. The study was conducted on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).