Current Projects


Actor-oriented Transfer Incentives in Research Institutions (TRANSENTIVE)


Open Venture Factory


Markets for International Technology Transfer - MarketsFITT


KommEZ: Study on the challenges and opportunities of municipal development cooperation project funding


IntTransNet – Networks and Transfer in International Cooperation


Approaches to Shaping Structural Change towards a Sustainable Industrial Society


DIANA – Technologies for future-proof point-of-care diagnostics


Key technologies and technological future fields

Completed Projects


KResCo – Crisis Management and Resilience – Corona


Science, Technology and Innovation Policy at the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: The Case of Egypt.


IFI_Leben – Impulses for the brainstorming and identification stage in order to promote innovations in the life sciences area


Crowdresearch – Does Fraunhofer need a crowd system to use external basic knowledge?


ZIM International


Better use of norms and standards for the market success


Competence and innovation analysis of the Düsseldorf region


Location analysis Murakami Germany


Analysis of innovation potential and innovation transfer in the Rhenish mining area


Evaluation of the funding framework “Verbundforschung” (collaborative research) in the area of “basic natural science research” (BMBF)


AGENT-3D Basis Framework conditions for additive-generative manufacturing (BMBF)


The importance of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for medium-sized companies in Germany (the German “Mittelstand”)