Kompetenz- und Innovationsanalyse der Region Düsseldorf - Kreis Mettmann

Competence and Innovation Analysis of the Düsseldorf region's Mettmann District Structural Change in Rheinland's Mining Area


North Rhine-Westphalia faces considerable challenges in phasing out lignite-fired power generation and shaping the forthcoming structural change in a sustainable manner. For the lignite mining areas of the Rheinland mining region, the structural change will be the task of the century, with considerable transformation requirements and considerable opportunities for sustainable design arisingsimultaneously.  Over the next two decades, the German government will provide up to 40 billion euros for a successful transformation for a time after lignite-fired power generation. The aim is to generate impetus for self-sustaining regional development in the regions undergoing structural change, with new value creation and employment. Successfully and sustainably shaping structural change is a complex task that will require not only the development of new competencies but also new partnerships and collaborations beyond the Rheinland mining area.

Project goals

On behalf of the Regional Management of Düsseldorf's - Mettmann district, the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW investigates the innovation activities in the region Düsseldorf - Mettmann district. The aim is to identify areas of expertise and fields of innovation that have the potential to generate substantial impetus for structural change in cooperation with the key players in the Rheinland mining area. The aim of the study is to identify possible fields of cooperation as well as common strengths and weaknesses of the two regions. From a scientific perspective, it is crucial for the success of regional cooperation that fields of cooperation address existing complementarities between the two sub-regions and address them through suitable approaches. Therefore, the identification of complementarities between the region of Düsseldorf - Mettmann district and the Rheinland mining area plays a central role in this project.

In view of the great extent of the upcoming structural change, partnerships that link competence bearers in the fields of science, business and other institutions in cross-regional constellations can contribute to the successful shaping of transformation processes.



02/01/2021 – 07/15/2021