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Annual Report

The annual report “Digital Value Creation” presents selected research projects, key figures, and developments of the institute in 2017/18.

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"Data Mining and Value Creation" focuses on the value of data for businesses

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Our Mission

At Fraunhofer IMW, our team draws from more than ten years of experience in socioeconomic research at our Leipzig offices. Fraunhofer economists develop scientifically sound solutions to challenges presented by globalization, ensuring the lasting success of our clients and partners from business and industry, research, and civil society.  

Our mission is to develop powerful and effective strategies, processes, and tools in order to:

  • Facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between organizations
  • Convert knowledge into innovative products and services
  • Develop the right environment for innovation and knowledge transfer

Founded as the Center for Central and Eastern Europe MOEZ in 2006, the institute consolidated its expertise and range of services in internationalization and knowledge economy under a new name in 2015, becoming the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW.

Current Research Projects


Innovation Acceptance

LignoLink - Development of a European research and innovation network in the field of wood-based bioeconomy

Business Models: Engineering and Innovation

Developing heatable carbon concrete components (C³INTEF)

Innovation Financing

JUSTiCE – The impact of distributed blockchain technology on the sharing economy


Innovation Policy and Transfer Design

IntTransNet: Networks and transfer in international cooperation


Professionalizing Knowledge Transfer Processes

Foresight: Identifying future topics and trends for the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Professional Development and Competence Management

DiBBLoK: Diffusing Digital Technologies in Vocational Education and Training through Learning Location Cooperation

Price and Service Management

Services: Added value in value creation for Leipzig and East Germany

Selected Press Releases

Press Release / 17.1.2019

IHK Service Promotion Initiative: Five companies start the project phase

Press Release / 24.4.2018

Research project on the economic value of the data and digitization of companies in Saxony kicks off

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IHK Leipzig Blog

In the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) blog, entrepreneurs and the expert team from our Price and Service Management Unit report on their joint development of new or modified services along their value chains.


GreenUp Sahara Crowdfunding Campaign

June 5 is World Environment Day at the UN. Marc Beckett from Fraunhofer IGB is researching sustainable vegetable cultivation in desert regions, seeking future-oriented possibilities for people living in these environments. You can support his project at: Fraunhofer IMW is conducting a survey to accompany the crowdfunding campaign. This survey focuses on drivers and barriers that impact donors' motivation for supporting the project. The findings from this research project will make an important contribution to the science-based design of future crowdfunding campaigns.


Energy Globe World Award

The "C³ - Carbon Concrete Composite" project, with participation from Fraunhofer IMW, wins the environmental “Energy Globe World” award.

Further events and news

Current Events

Lecture / 27.5.2019

Fireside Chat 2019 - Internationalization and financing

The network "Energie & Umwelt e. V." (Energy & Environment e.V.) invites you to exchange ideas in the historical ambience of the Mädlervilla. Erik Ackermann, research fellow for the Innovation Financing Unit, will speak on the subject of local crowdfunding. This event provides information on Leipzig companies' current developments and activities in international markets, financing opportunities for SMEs, and alternative financing instruments such as crowdfunding. 

Lecture / 17.5.2019

Denkfabrik Sachsen - Fraunhofer researcher Dr. Steffen Preissler gives a lecture on innovation and value creation

The 14th "Denkfabrik Sachsen" (Saxony Think Tank) will take place in Dresden. Important questions about the future will be discussed with high-ranking guests from politics, business, and science. Dr. Steffen Preissler, Head of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Division, has been invited as an expert and will give a lecture for the specialist forum, "Innovation and Value Creation."

Further events and news


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