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Juli 2020

»Times of Change«

  • Board of Trustees Meeting 2020: Actively Shaping Industrial Transformation
  • Interview: Using the Crisis as an Opportunity for Companies to Create Digital Change
  • Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center eStandards Enters the Second Round
  • Brochure: 2030 – Data-Based Value Creation in Germany

April 2020

»How Digital are You?«

  • Does the digitalization of agriculture unite economy and environmental protection?
  • Fundraising #WirVsVirus Matching Fonds
  • Currently in demand: Study on digitization in the health insurance market
  • Do innovations die in sales?

März 2020

»News from the Institutet«

  • Crowdfunding as a financing instrument in research?
  • Heatable elements of carbon concrete
  • EXPRESS experimental field: Testing digital technologies in plant cultivation, deriving impulses for the practice of agricultural enterprises

Februar 2020

»Research Day & Reception of the Leipzig Fraunhofer Institutes 2020«

  • Speed-Poster-Presentations
  • Reception of the Leipzig Fraunhofer Institutes 2020:
    The Innovation Decade
  • Rafael Laguna de la Vera, keynote speaker:
    "We must create jump innovations in Germany!"