Economics of Technology and Management Division

The new division "Economics of Technology and Management", which was founded on May 1, 2021, is in the process of being established and has started its work. Dr. Pufky-Heinrich has taken on the lead of the new division. Together with institute director Dr. Christian Growitsch, she coordinates the development of the new research entity.

The new division at Fraunhofer IMW focuses on the economic support of technology strategies and the systematic complement of technology commercialization profits from the competences of both institute director, Dr. Christian Growitsch and Dr. Daniela Pufky-Heinrich, an experienced expert in the fields of circular economy, bioeconomy, sustainable energy and environmental technology with a far-reaching established network.

The division "Economics of Technology and Management" integrates the CEM, Center for Economics of Materials. Its portfolio is used and extended by the topic of technology design and technological strategy development.

The focus of research activities is on providing support for business, politics and society in facing the challenges of transformation. The research team, which is currently being established, offers technology-independent holistic analysis and systemic consideration of integrated value chains and provides support in technological strategy development and evaluation.

Center for Economics of Materials CEM

Range of services

  • Investigation of industrial value creation processes and circular economy
  • Investigation of systemic interdependencies between energy, resource and environmental economics
  • Scientific consideration of strategies and instruments for a sustainable economic policy
  • Total Design Management, Global Value Chain and the study of transformation consequences

Industry and Research Projects of the Economics of Technology and Management Division


Biwibi – Sustainable Combination of Renewable Energy Sources


Approaches to Shaping Structural Change towards a Sustainable Industrial Society


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