Fraunhofer IMW invited for an International Conference on »Environmental Sustainability, Human Health and Development«

Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy (ABAP) organized the aforementioned conference from December 20th-22nd 2019 at Vignan University, in Guntur, India with a focus on understanding the adverse changes to the interrelated topics of global ecosystems and health. International delegates from across the globe, namely, USA, Japan, Germany, Malaysia & South Africa were invited to present on the specified topic. The principal objective of the conference was to create a forum for scientists in order to bring them together to discuss and find scientific solutions to the contemporary issues in the society. In accordance with this goal, researchers addressed global health strategies through a multi-interdisciplinary array of topics using the unique podium for »Long Sustainable Living Plan«. During the deliberations, Dr. Sallagundala Nagaraja provided an insight on relevant healthcare projects carried out under the aegis of Dr. Marija Radic from Fraunhofer IMW at the conference.

During the deliberations, Dr. Sallagundala availed the opportunity to discuss with organizers such as the ABAP secretary Prof. Dr. Sambasiva Rao, a renowned biotechnologist (Vice-Chancellor of Mizoram Central University), Prof Dr. Krupanidhi, (Dean, Vignan University) and Prof. Dr. Rajarami Reddy Gottipolu a renowned neuroscientist and former Vice-Chancellor of Vikramasimphapuri University, Nellore and Dr. Kodavanti Prasad from United States of Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) about the current trends in healthcare industry. We are especially appreciative of the meeting with the Dr. Lavu Rathaiah Chairman of the Vignan University and Dr. Malakondaiah Mannam former DGP of Andhra Pradesh for sharing their progressive thoughts of forging possible cooperation with Fraunhofer IMW.

During the conference, Dr. Sallagundala from Fraunhofer IMW discussed the synergies of cooperation across sectors with the participating countries at the conference with various scientists from the United States.

Cooperation between Fraunhofer IMW and University of North Texas Health Science Center, USA

During the deliberations with the American scientists, the Fraunhofer representative discussed the Fraunhofer’s expertise in life sciences, such as Fraunhofer’s research on health and affordable healthcare in all areas of medical, environmental and nutrition research. The American scientists, Prof. Jamboor K Vishwanatha Vice- President and Prof. Basha from NTHS expressed keen interest in the ongoing research works at Fraunhofer Society. The American scientists explained about their current work in the fields of cancer molecular biology, experimental therapeutics and nanotechnology.

Joint-collaboration on German-American and EU-American Projects

Fraunhofer IMW and UNTHS, USA considered exploring the possibility of working together on collaborative projects in relation to healthcare segments. This relationship will enable the two organizations to participate in exchange programs and collaborate on research of mutual interest.