Focal Research Areas

Research focus: Digital Health

Health is one of the megatrends of our time. The scientists of Fraunhofer IMW see high innovation and cost efficiency potentials for the health care sector, especially in connection with the topics of value creation and digitalization. Through our research projects, we have broad know-how in the field of healthcare and healthcare research. We place particular focus on the topics: Digital Health Platforms and Digital Health Applications (DiGA), Digital Intersectoral Care, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare, Robotics in Care, Trust and Data Sovereignty of Patients and Digital Competencies in the Healthcare Sector.


Industry and
Research Projects

On this page we present selected Fraunhofer IMW research projects and open access publications related to Digital Health.

Our services:

  • Strategic market, environment and future analyses
  • Economic and health economic analyses
  • User acceptance, ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSI)
  • Utilization: service and business model development
  • Professional development and competence management

Research focus: hydrogen economy

In order to achieve the climate targets set in Germany, it is sensible to establish a functioning hydrogen economy and use green hydrogen technologies. In order to play a pioneering role in the development of a functioning hydrogen economy, on a national and global level, the course must be set now. Fraunhofer IMW supports this process with regional potential and stakeholder analyses, the modeling of future scenarios and the quantification of value-added effects, as well as with scientifically based recommendations for action that take into account economic, ecological and regulatory framework conditions. To ensure that the switch to green hydrogen makes ecological sense and is economically successful, the scientists are also developing data-driven business models for the hydrogen economy.


On this page we present selected Fraunhofer IMW research projects and open access publications IMW related to hydrogen economy.

Our services:

  • regional potential and stakeholder analyses
  • Modeling of future scenarios
  • quantification of value creation effects
  • scientifically based recommendations for action with regard to economic, ecological and regulatory framework conditions
  • data-driven business models for the hydrogen economy