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  • Innovation Acceptance Unit / 2021

    Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft new member of Climate Heritage Network

    News | Leipzig / March 09, 2021

    The Climate Heritage Network recently announced 31 new members of the Network. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is one of the new members, representing 24 Fraunhofer Institutes as part of the Research Alliance for Cultural Heritage including Fraunhofer IMW.

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  • Professional Development and Competence Management Unit / 2021

    Center for Digital Work (ZdA) Launches New Website

    News | Leipzig / February 17, 2021

    With the launch of its website, the Center for Digital Work (ZdA) offers users a wide range of online information on the implementation of the project and on the ESF-funded program "Future Centers" run by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS).

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  • Blog post Jens Rockel, Deputy Group Leader, Innovation Financing Unit / 2021

    Fraunhofer Survey: Co-financing for Companies

    News | Leipzig / January 12, 2021

    Co-financing is increasingly coming into the focus of companies. This is because it is necessary to set up a broader and more diverse financing structure in order to make entrepreneurial decisions more independently. But what is the state of knowledge among companies on this topic? Fraunhofer IMW surveyed companies from all over Europe to find out.

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  • Innovation Acceptance Unit / 2020

    Knowledge Transfer at the Interface of Cultural and Natural Heritage – SXNCH Online Symposium

    News | Leipzig / December 07, 2020

    Knowledge transfer at the interface of cultural and cultural heritage sites often face special challenges. One such case is Petra in Jordan, which, with its stone-carved facades, is located directly at this interface. On December 7th and 8th, 2020, the online symposium SXNCH (Sites at the Intersection of Natural and Cultural Heritage) took place for the exchange of knowledge and networking on issues relating to the preservation, management and perspectives of such cultural heritage sites.

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  • Professional Development and Competence Management Unit / 2020

    Digital Conference Series: A Lecture at the End of the Joint Project: “SING – Making Schools Inclusive”

    News | Leipzig / December 03, 2020

    The joint project “SING - Making Schools Inclusive: development of specialist didactic concepts and organizational structures of an inclusive school" is coming to its end as a project. The results and experiences of this insightful project were presented at the interdisciplinary final event.

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  • From November 16 to 20, 2020, the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2020 took place as a digital conference. Pursuing the virtual event's goal of developing a sustainable bioeconomy, representatives from governments, science, innovation, business and civil society, among others, connected in the various online formats to exchange views on the opportunities and challenges of the bioeconomy, as well as its role in solving global crises.

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  • Fraunhofer IMW / 2020

    “Research against the Corona Virus!” – ScienceMatch of Saxon research teams.

    Saxon State Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism (SMWK) / November 06, 2020

    In the ScienceMatch “Research Against the Virus!” scientists presented Corona research projects funded by the Free State of Saxony. Dr. Marija Radic, Head of the Head of the Corporate Development in International Competition Division and Prof. Dr. Heiko Gebauer, Head of the Project Data Mining and Value Creation (both Fraunhofer IMW) presented the research project “RESILIENT - Resilience through Innovation in Saxon Manufacturing,” for which both are responsible, to the online audience of the SMWK event on November 6, 2020.

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  • Fraunhofer IMW / 2020

    Hackathon of the 19th Innovation Forum

    News | Leipzig / October 28, 2020

    This year's 19th Innovation Forum has integrated an entirely new program item into its agenda. On October 28, a hackathon will be part of the event for the first time. The organizers want to build on the success of regional, national and international formats, such as the European “EUvsVirus” hackathon. Under the title “Students co-creating the work of tomorrow” and the hashtag #StudentsInnovateNewWork, the digital get-together aims to find useful and creative solutions towards minimizing the impact of the Corona pandemic on the future of the working world.

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