Business Models: Engineering and Innovation

Research-based support for the design, improvement, and supervision of the implementation of new business models represents our central offer to our clients in economy and industry. Fraunhofer IMW has developed tools to assist businesses in identifying an advantageous market position. This toolbox enables companies to systematically develop, analyze, and continually improve their business models. These tools meet scientific standards and have been tested in the field. The added value for clients is to achieve higher profitability in the long term.



News / 26.6.2020

Rethinking Construction: Digital Foundation Stone Laid for First Ever Building Constructed of Carbon Concrete

11th Carbon and Textile Reinforced Concrete Days

On September 24 and 25, 2019, Josephine Schöffel represented the Fraunhofer IMW at the 11th Carbon and Textile Concrete Days. Andreas Söhnchen, Institute for Building Climate Control at the TU Dresden and project partner of the Fraunhofer IMW, presented the C³InteF project.


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