Guidelines on Vocational Training Export

Meta Project Vocational Training Export in the Final Phase: Practical guidelines for vocational training export developed for companies

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Handlungsleitfäden für Berufsbildungsexporteure

From November 2012 to October 2014, the Leipzig Fraunhofer Center and experts from various disciplines contributed to the main phase of the meta project “Vocational Training Export by German Educational Service Providers,” a funding priority of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The central goal was to generate scientifically sound findings on the export of vocational education services. These were prepared in a practice-oriented manner and passed on to export-oriented vocational training service providers in Germany.

Topical focus group meetings, scientific symposia and three conferences allowed selected vocational eduation and training (VET) actors to network and share their experiences. From the findings and interviews gained during the project, Fraunhofer IMW developed practice-oriented guidelines for the most important key fields in vocational training export.

The research results will also be forwarded to the BMBF in a final report and recommendations. The meta project and the action guides are already providing the blueprint for further activities on this important cross-cutting topic. These guides are available for download (in German) below.