Press release - Research project "GENESIS"

Leipzig Fraunhofer researchers support regional development in Saxony's lignite mining regions

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW in Leipzig are helping to shape structural change in Saxony's lignite mining regions in Lusatia and Central Germany. In the research project GENESIS (Short for "Gestaltung neuer Entwicklungspfade im Strukturwandel in Sachsen", in English: "Design of New Development Paths in Structural Change in Saxony"), funded by the German government, a data-based twin of the coalfields is being created in close cooperation with the Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development. With its help, the structural change there in particular is to be accompanied, evidence-based approaches for the coal phase-out are to be developed and transparency about the development in the coalfields is to be created.