Light Electric Vehicles

Study of market potential


Light electric vehicles (LEVs) are innovative and particularly lightweight three- or four-wheeled vehicles for transporting people and goods. Due to their compact dimensions and low weight, they consume less electricity than conventional electric vehicles. Furthermore, they are space-saving and agile in confined urban spaces.

Project description

In a consortium consisting of Fraunhofer IMWS, the delivery service provider UPS and the tricycle builder Olaf Lange, the prototype of the Cargo Cruiser 3 was developed. The electrically powered tricycle can efficiently and safely transport 40-70 parcels and is to be produced in an initial small series.

Our services and tasks

At Fraunhofer IMW, the evaluation of the market potential of LEVs such as the Cargo Cruiser 3 is taking place. Based on micro data of the research data center of the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the registration figures in the vehicle classes L6e and L7e of the last ten years are determined. Furthermore, data from the state statistical offices is used to determine import numbers of LEVs in Germany. From this, the share of LEVs manufactured in Germany in the total of all LEVs registered in the country is derived. Beyond the general market data, the study focuses on the parcel and express logistics (CEP) sector and the municipal services sectors. For these sectors, a quantitative assessment of the potential deployment scenarios of LEVs is made, including an evaluation of the economic viability of LEVs in the respective scenarios. The aim of the evaluation of the market potential is to estimate the demand for LEVs. Furthermore, the findings will be used for a first serial production of the Cargo Cruiser 3.

Project duration

December 2022 - June 2023


Fraunhofer IMWS



Project sheet LEV

Everything at a glance: The LEV project sheet


Center for Economics and Management of Technologies CEM

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