Cultural Heritage at Risk – impacts of climate change, opportunities of digitalization


The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has been researching cultural heritage preservation for more than 25 years and is developing innovative solutions which are sought after around the world. Within the framework of the Cultural Heritage Research Alliance, Fraunhofer Institutes work together with museums and cultural heritage sites in the fields of digitization, material research, restoration, knowledge management and knowledge transfer.

Project description:

Following in the footsteps of the "Protecting Cultural Heritage with Fraunhofer Innovations" project,  20 Fraunhofer Institutes are developing solutions for the protection of cultural heritage against the effects of climate change in cooperation with external partners. Special consideration is given to digital solution strategies.

The poject's main themes are as follows:

  • Development of a central knowledge platform
  • Documentation methods for creating digital twins in urban spaces
  • Preservation of historical materials in times of climate change
  • Socioeconomic value of cultural heritage in the digital age

Our services:

As part of the project, the Fraunhofer IMW Innovation Acceptance Unit is carrying out a study on the topic, "socio-economic value of originals and digitalizations", in which a concept for the benefit of digitalization in the field of cultural heritage is developed. Here, questions about digital value creation and user acceptance play a central role. The focus is on opportunities and challenges associated with the digitization of cultural heritage, their framework conditions as well as the role of museums, archives and libraries in the development and implementation of suitable usage concepts in the field of tension between originals and digital twins.



Project partners:

Dresden State Art Collections (SKD)

Saxon State Library - Dresden State and University Library (SLUB)

Project duration:

1/9/2019 - 31/10/2022

Further information


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Fraunhofer IMW is a Member of FALKE - Research Alliance Cultural Heritage


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