QUALLE – market survey quality evaluation

Comparing service quality 

Market surveys are important tools for strategic planning and the identification of new customer demographics. However, the survey provider market is complex. On any working day, around 500 relevant publishing houses and publishers produce more than 600 new publications. Finding a suitable survey is therefore quite a challenge, given that it is difficult to evaluate the service quality of market survey providers before purchasing. Providers are difficult to compare with each other, tend to be quite expensive and usually do not come with a money-back guarantee. To overcome these challenges, the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW, in Leipzig, has developed a web-based application called "QUALLE", a quality evaluation system that assists with choosing high-quality market surveys.


Main benefits of QUALLE

In the future, sourcing market surveys will no longer be like a lottery. This saves time, in terms of selecting a provider, and a lot of money, thanks to the avoidance of bad buys, and reduces the frustration resulting from having to read through inadequate material. QUALLE makes it possible to get an objective expert evaluation of the quality of all previously purchased market surveys. Previous buyer satisfaction is also taken into account.

The quality evaluations collected are then combined in QUALLE and analyzed. Easy-to-understand scores provide guidance when sourcing new surveys. All of the evaluation information of the previously purchased market surveys can easily be called up with just one click. QUALLE manages the entire evaluation process, consolidates all data and serves as the central platform for assisting with the selection of high quality market surveys.