Theresa Wenzel

Theresa Wenzel

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Theresa Wenzel

Project Communication, Data and Platform Based Value Creation Unit

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW
Neumarkt 9-19
04109 Leipzig

Phone +49 341 231039-275

Fax +49 341 231039-9275


Theresa Wenzel studied literature and political science at the University of Göttingen and at the University of California in Davis. After graduating, she worked as a project manager in media analysis and eFinance, among others. In a second course of studies, she obtained a Master's degree in Corporate Media from Leipzig University, while working as an editor in the Marketing and Communication Division of the Fraunhofer IMW. Since July 2018 she is responsible for the project communication of the Digital Project Unit “Data Mining and Value Creation”.