Alternative models for future forest management (ALTERFOR)

Start of new EU project on forest management

The Leipzig Fraunhofer Center researchers from the Knowledge and Technology Transfer division have supported the European Union with forest management research projects since 2011. In the INTEGRAL collaboration project, which has now been successfully completed, Annamaria Riemer and her team of researchers were responsible for project communication. They developed policy recommendations and scenarios for integrated forest management. In the follow-on project ALTERFOR, which intends to develop and evaluate new forest management alternatives in selected European case study regions over the coming four years, she will again be responsible for the work package on communication and dissemination.

ALTERFOR assesses future forest management models in selected case study areas, taking climate change scenarios and ecosystem services – such as biodiversity conservation, timber extraction or the cultural value of forests, for instance – into account, as well as the current practices of forest owners and managers.

Project website of ALTERFOR

ALTERFOR in a nutshell