Rethinking construction: market study for carbon concrete composite

Commissioned by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


Carbon concrete composite is environmentally compatible, stable and moldable. The carbon fiber textile fabric which is added to the concrete to result in an innovative construction material facilitates resource efficient building. The new construction material gives architects the freedom to develop a new design language.

Innovation network

The innovative innovation network Carbon Concrete Composite (C³) collaborates with currently 110 partners from the industry, researchers and various associations on the efficient and sustainable use of the new construction material in future building projects. The Fraunhofer MOEZ contributed to the development of a strategy for the joint project with a market study which focused on the construction industry and related industries (engineering). The study encompasses a detailed analysis of the relevant market and competitive situation for carbon concrete composites in Germany.


The study is unusual due to the differentiated methodology applied. Drivers, barriers, national and international market studies were researched by means of a detailed literature analysis, and evaluated. In close cooperation with the C³ strategy team, the researchers conducted interviews with academic and practical application experts. The insights already gained were then validated in several workshops. Construction industry experts discussed the current challenges.

What is required of new construction methods and value chains played a major role in this respect. The Fraunhofer team summarized the results in a paper. It is currently involved in further C³ projects on the subject of the "value chain and innovative business models".

Funding agency

C³- Carbon Concrete Composite is one of ten consortiums funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the scope of the "Zwanzig20- Partnerschaft für Innovation" innovation sponsoring program. The funding program intends to bundle outstanding scientific, technological and business expertise emerging from eastern Germany. C³ aims to encourage a paradigm change in the construction industry - meaning lighter, more efficient, more intelligent building, and thinking and acting with a focus on the conservation of natural resources.