ATMoSPHÄRE - eHealth Innovations for Improved Quality of Life with Multimorbidity

ATMoSPHÄRE – eHealth Innovations for Improved Quality of Life with Multimorbidity


An increasing number of older people in Germany will suffer from chronic and multimorbid diseases. Current health care structures only partially meet the associated challenges, and widespread, inclusive and regionally transferable solutions are not yet in place. Developed, tested and evaluated in Saxony, the integrative medical IT platform “Atmosphäre“ will allow these people to live independently. The project's aim is to develop a holistic service approach that can be networked between medical, social and nursing services of a particular region and used throughout Germany.


Under the direction of Dr. Marija Radić, the unit Price and Service Management at the Fraunhofer Center in Leipzig has worked to develop the project with both a user-and-market orientation focus: “Atmosphäre“ will become sustainably established if and when the needs of all user groups (patients, medical service providers, etc.) are taken into account in the healthcare market. Furthermore, its economic viability must be ensured. As this is an innovative product service solution, it will veer far from the established “beaten track“.


Launched in October 2015, the “Atmosphäre“ project will be a beneficiary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research's (BMBF) “transformational medical technologies with multimorbidity“ program under funding code 13GW0075A. The program has been initiated under the federal government's healthcare industry action field with more than EUR 3 million in funding. Before the end of 2018, some 700 patients will participate in the project.

Contact persons: Marija Radic, Dubravko Radic

Funding: The project is funded by The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)