Dr. Agnes Vosen

Agnes Vosen

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Dr. Agnes Vosen

Head of Digital Health Unit

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW
Martin-Luther-Ring 13
04109 Leipzig, Germany

Phone +49 341 231039-233

Fax +49 341 231039-9233

Areas of expertise

  • Descriptive and explorative statistics
  • Applied econometrics
  • Behavioral economics
  • Gender economics


Professional development

Dr. Agnes Vosen is Head of the Digital Health Unit (until 06/2022: Price and Service Management Unit) at the Fraunhofer Center in Leipzig as a research fellow in the Price and Service Management Unit. During her studies of economics at the University of Bonn, she focused on data analysis and behavioral economics. During her subsequent doctorate at the Bonn Graduate School of Economics, she researched projects on gender economics and the modelling of competitive situations. Her dissertation is entitled “Asymmetries in Contests and Women in Academia”.

At Fraunhofer IMW, she works thematically in the MED2ICIN project. The aim is to bring together previously distributed health and disease data from individuals into a holistic, specific patient model. This is done with the help of machine learning instruments such as artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning.


Publication Type
2023 Ethical, Legal, and Social Requirements for Assistance Robots in Healthcare
Radic, Marija; Vosen, Agnes; Kilz, Sarah
Conference Paper
2023 Just Keep Rolling? - An Encompassing Review towards Accelerated Vaccine Product Life Cycles
Stiefel, Janis; Zimmer, Jan; Schloßhauer, Jeffrey; Vosen, Agnes; Kilz, Sarah; Balakin, Sascha
2022 On the Way to the Future - Assistant Robots in Hospitals and Care Facilities
Radic, Marija; Vosen, Agnes; Michler, Caroline
Conference Paper
2022 Assistant Robots in German Hospitals: Measuring Value Drivers and Willingness to Pay
Radic, Marija; Radic, Dubravko; Vosen, Agnes
Conference Paper
2021 Pflege & Robotik: Gemeinsam in die Zukunft
Radic, Marija; Vosen, Agnes
Journal Article
2021 Feasibility study of an active-substance-based review system (monographs) and other potential alternatives for the environmental risk assessment of veterinary medicinal products. Final report
Schwonbeck, Susanne; Breuer, Franziska; Hahn, Stefan; Brinkmann, Carolin; Vosen, Agnes; Radic, Marija; Vidaurre, Rodrigo; Alt, Joseline; Oelkers, Kim; Mezler, Adrian; Floeter, Carolin
2020 ASARob - Aufmerksamkeitssensitiver Assistenzroboter
Bachter, Hannes; Graf, Florenz; Lengenfelder, Christian; Lindermayr, Jochen; Messmer, Felix; Mosmann, Victor; Philipp, Patrick; Putze, Felix; Radic, Marija; Reich, Daniel; Reiser, Ulrich; Romanelli, Massimo; Scheck, Kevin; Schultz, Tanja; Voit, Michael; Vosen, Agnes
Aufsatz in Buch
Book Article
2020 Ethische, rechtliche und soziale Anforderungen an Assistenzroboter in der Pflege
Radic, Marija; Vosen, Agnes
Journal Article
2019 Use of Robotics in the German Healthcare Sector. Application Scenarios - Drivers and Barriers - Time Savings
Radic, Marija; Vosen, Agnes; Graf, Birgit
Conference Paper
2019 Einsatz von Robotik im Gesundheitswesen: Mehrwerte - Einsatzszenarien - Treiber und Hemmnisse
Radic, Marija; Vosen, Agnes; Graf, Birgit
Conference Paper
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Jahresbericht 2020-2022

The Annual Report 2020-2022: "From strategic foresight to successful transformation" focuses on Socio- and techno-economic research and innovations for companies, networks and regions. In this section you can find the projects and research areas in which Dr. Agnes Vosen is involved as a researcher.


Valuable data – Digital value creation in the spotlight

Annual Report 2020-2022

Fraunhofer IMW researchers, including Dr. Agnes Vosen, have investigated the potential of data-based value creation, especially for medium-sized companies in Saxony. They also supported several digitization projects in the healthcare industry and, among other things, focused their analyses on the responsible handling of personal, i. e. sensitive, data.

The main topic “Valuable data – Digital value creation in the spotlight“ in the Fraunhofer IMW annual report 2020-2022 provides an insight into our research and current issues.


Annual Report 2020-2022

From strategic foresight to successful transformation

The Fraunhofer IMW Annual Report presents socio- and techno-economic research and innovations for companies, networks and regions