CrowdFANding as a Contemporary Instrument for Crowdfunding in Sports


Crowdfunding, as a contemporary financial instrument, is trending especially for regional, cultural, and emotional projects that are important to their initiators. It’s reinforced by the growing digitalization and the immense desire of many dedicated people to transparently and quickly make an active contribution to the projects that are especially important to them.

Project Description:

CrowdFANding enables fans to give a voice to the projects they find important, to become discovered nationally, and to raise funds to take one big step closer to practical implementation. The goal of crowdFANding is to achieve the best possible results for initiators and supporters within the scope of a structured and scientifically sound process, from project selection to campaign preparation and execution, all the way to follow-up work. Every crowdFANding campaign is accompanied by a tailored survey that the crowdfunding experts at Fraunhofer IMW adapt to the needs of the initiators and execute and evaluate with the latest scientific methods. The acquired insights form the basis for qualification work, are presented at conferences, and made accessible to the general public via publications.

Our Services:

As a scientific partner, we, as Fraunhofer IMW, support the campaign design of new crowdFANding projects with experiential knowledge from crowdfunding campaigns we’ve supported in the past and with the latest scientific developments. Furthermore, we strongly support application-oriented surveys with a view to the relevant success factors for crowdfunding in a specific context. Multiplicator workshops, lectures within the crowdfunding scene, and specialist articles for the research community round off our range of services.  


crowdFANding e. V.

Project Duration:

2015 to today

Current crowdFANding Projects:


Concluded crowdFANding Projects:

Südkruve bleibt!

Ein Fanhaus für Mainz!

CrowdFANding schiebt an! 


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