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The Crisis as an Opportunity for Digital Transformation in SMEs - Interview with Institute Director Prof. Thorsten Posselt

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How can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) use the current crisis as an opportunity to build future-oriented changes? Which role does digitalization play in this process? Professor Thorsten Posselt, Institute Director at Fraunhofer IMW, provides some answers to these questions in the interview with “ARBEIT UND LEBEN SCHSEN e. V.” According to Professor Posselt, innovation skills are crucial in order to develop successful business models, convert analog services to digital systems and design work itself in a digital manner. Another focus is on the early involvement of employees in transformation processes. Small and medium-sized companies often benefit from decentralized hierarchies and a familiar working atmosphere, which enables the necessary flexibility and agility favoring innovations.

ARBEIT UND LEBEN Sachsen e.V. leads the think tank “Center for Digital Work”, in which Professor Posselt is involved in tandem with his chair for innovation management and innovation economics at the University of Leipzig. In the research project, he examines which individual and organizational requirements increase digital innovation skills in companies. In addition, he is supported by the Qualification and Competence Management group at Fraunhofer IMW through applied socio-economic research.

Read the interview (in German).