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Modular AI consulting for companies along the AI lifecycle.

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Modular consulting along the AI lifecycle as a result of the internal Fraunhofer project


AI technology is transforming the business world and creating new opportunities for companies to improve existing business models or introduce new business ideas. More and more companies are using AI, but hurdles often occur along the AI lifecycle as companies transition between phases: Identified AI use cases are not pursued, after a proof of concept is abandoned, or the company does not get to the AI scaling phase. SMEs are affected by such challenges more often and more severely than large companies, as the expertise and resources to launch and sustain AI projects are often lacking.

Project description

Within the framework of the project, the scientists at Fraunhofer IMW and Fraunhofer IAIS developed a modular AI consulting concept along the AI lifecycle in companies to ensure the successful transition between the phases of the lifecycle and to increase customer loyalty. Against this background, market opportunities and company needs were analyzed and the findings from analyses and best practices paired with the know-how at Fraunhofer IMW and Fraunhofer IAIS were prepared in six modules. Methods, guidelines and templates were developed for the various phases of the AI lifecycle, providing orientation in an area that is in part foreign to the field. The six modules AIdeation, AI Journey, AI Compact Course, Business Model Development, Guiding and Transition cover the entire AI lifecycle and thus ensure a successful "Customer Journey".


Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies CCIT

Project partner

Fraunhofer IAIS

Project duration

1.9.2022 - 31.12.2022

Further Information

Data and Platform Based Value Creation unit