Research Projects


MED²ICIN – Medical Data Driving an Integrated Cost-Intelligent Model


CIMD Akkurat


Voice Controlled Virtual Care Assistant


MobDi – Mobile Disinfection Robots for Clinics, Buildings and Means of Transportation


ASARob: “Attention-Sensitive Assistance Robot”


ATMoSPHÄRE - eHealth Innovations for Improved Quality of Life with Multimorbidity


Digital Music Platform for the Treatment and Mental Activation of People with Dementia


KOMPASS – Electronic Platform Supports Independent Living in Old Age


Local Alliances for Dementia


ViCon – Virtual Consent Assistant for Informed and Data-Sovereign Patient Consent


DaWID: More Sovereignty over my Data


OCTMAPP – Optical Coherence Tomography for new Biomedical Applications


MyCellFight: Development of a Chip-Based Human Immune System


Environmental Risk Assessment of Veterinary Medicinal Products


EIT Health: Entwicklung und Markteinführung des Proverum 2.0 BPH-Devices


Study on Drug Price Negotiations


Future Skills For Digital Transformation